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A Life Coach Will Help You With Clarity and Direction

(416) 738-2603

Tips and Tricks to your Better Life

Change doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to improve your life, you must say goodbye to poor life choices and dedicate your precious time learning new habits that will put you closer to your goals.

Apart from offering workshops and personal coaching, YOU-niquely provides life hacks through this blog. Be sure to check back often for new entries and reach out to us in Etobicoke, Ontario if you have inquiries.

Want more confidence?

When I first moved to Toronto in 1981, I didn't know many people nor have many friends, because I had lacked the confidence to make new friends. I had always been shy and insecure.

Joining Aloette in 1985 changed that for me. I meet new friends and was exposed to new coaches, Not only has my life and confidence improve, my family enjoyed the extra income and free trips I earned. 

What I enjoyed most was helping others improve their lives with healthier skin, easy make-up techniques, more confidence, extra income, improved financial status, and recognition.

I believe in Aloette's philosophy, products, and people. If you love make-up, skincare, making friends, receiving extra cash, gifts and recognition, and enjoying a 25% personal discount, then we can talk, to learn what's in it for you.

Contact me; for a free facial. 416-738-2603 or


Regina: Posted on May-07-15 12:40 PM

In the past, my confidence was lacking and my self-esteem was low. I was shy and insecure. Through the years, I have learned tips, tricks, and strategies I implemented to build my confidence, Life happens to us every day, and sometimes it kicks us in the confidence in the process. Things like losing a job, having trouble at work, relationship fallout, family fallout, divorce, death, to name a few. If you want to boost your confidence level, I can help. Let's talk.

~ Regina

You can have everything in life you want - if you would help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar

A beautiful successful life

is your birthright. 

Claim it!

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